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Group2E GmbH

Tschaikowskistr. 42
18069 Rostock
Tel.: +49 (0)151 64952929
Fax.: +49 (0)381 2524654
E-Mail: daniel.krisch@group2e.com

The Group2E was founded by engineers of different disciplines from shipbuilding, civil engineering within to offshore wind and oil and gas industry. With our worldwide network, we are able to support you around the world and 24/7.

Our scope of service:

  • Site management shipbuilding, machinary and steel construction
  • Site management offshore construction
  • Site management onshore construction
  • Facility management
  • T&I management
  • Design review
  • Construction supervision
  • HVAC design, calculation and construction
  • Engineering, Surveying and Consulting
  • Conceptual design of HSE, QHSE procedures
  • Quality Management and Quality Control
  • MWS and Client Representatives