3D Innovation GmbH & Co.KG

Friedrich-Barnewitz-Str. 3
18119 Rostock
Tel.: +49 40 79712800
Fax.: +49 40 79712230
E-Mail: info@3d-innovation.de

3D Innovation GmbH & Co. KG

The company 3D Innovation GmbH & Co. KG was established in autumn 2008. Managing director is Mr.  Richard Löblein.

For our residence in Rostock-Warnemünde are presently working qualified engineers, technicians and designers.

In our office we plan, develop, design, statically analyse and document complete projects for our customers.

One of our major objectives – as expressed in our company name - is to develop new products and take them to the stage of standardisation.

In this process we focus on regenerative sources of energy.

We see ourselves as an independent and project minded company for development and engineering services, our fields of activity cover:

  • Wind Power
  • Solar Power
  • Aircraft Design
  • Naval Architecture and Offshore Technology
  • Automotive
  • Mechanical Engineering / Plant Design / Steel industry
  • Stress analysis (FEM / CFD)
  • NC / CNC Programming
  • Electrical Engineering