ARBEMED GmbH - Betriebsmedizin aus MV

Carl-Hopp-Str. 4b
18069 Rostock
Tel.: +49 151 12665457
E-Mail: info@arbemed.de

ARBEMED GmbH provides a comprehensive portfolio of occupational health services in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Health of employees working at on- and offshore installations has our highest priority.

We perform examinations regarding following occasions:
- medical fitness offshore: NOG (OLF), NOGEPA, Oil & Gas UK (OGUK)
- breathing apparatus wearer (G26.2, G26.3)
- surveillance activities (G25)
- height fitness (G41)
- noise prevention (G20.1, G20.2)
- fitness for professional divers (G31) and further more.

Members of WindEnergy Network e. V. have the possibility to request additional short-term appointments for examinations of employees.