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Herwigstraße 46
27572 Bremerhaven
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E-Mail: david.kuekelhahn@sitte.de

Since 1972, the Sitte Group of Companies has developed into a brand that stands for the highest competence in all areas of electrical engineering. Around 1200 employees nationwide prove this to our customers on a daily basis in the areas of shipbuilding, power engineering, industry and craftmanship, switchgear construction, engineering and offshore. The offshore division covers the planning, construction, service and maintenance of wind turbines and strong transformer platforms. As an electrical service provider for the offshore sector, we are a strong employer of more than 120 offshore electricians. Our employees are optimally prepared for the dangers in the offshore sector. Through the necessary offshore training and education, as well as project-specific requirements, our employees always receive all relevant safety modules. Today, well-known companies are among our customers and many of our employees have a high level of knowledge and experience. We continue to develop the expertise of our employees in close cooperation with our customers.

Sitte Elektrotechnik