German Sustainables GmbH

Therese-Giehse-Straße 17a
24568 Kaltenkirchen
Tel.: +49 4191 9099764
E-Mail: brandt@german-sustainables.com

German Sustainables GmbH (= GS) starts in Warin as developer and producer of vertical wind turbines with a new efficient design in 2022.

Patent protected "spoiler" technology, reduces associated loads on the structure to a minimum. Proven and well-known material properties of aluminum alloys from the aviation industry is utilized for the construction of the propulsion wings. A hydrostatic drive train between the rotor andthe generator call for unequalled power transmission.

Since both S00kW generators are installed in a contalner at the ground level, maintenance and service will beefficient, effective ans silence {<50dbA / 50m).

Extractfon of kinetic energy from the 3-dimensional space of movement by the propulsion wings is highly efficient. A comparably high "P-factor" of 0.5 competes with the most advanced conventional horizontal turbines. The wide range of wind from 3m/sec to 28m/sec (35m/sec) enables a significant increase in energy efficiency.