Mainstream Renewable Power

Hohe Bleichen 22
20354 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 151 58021225
E-Mail: Holger.Matthiesen@mainstreamrp.com

Mainstream Renewable Power (“Mainstream”), with a global project portfolio of more than 27 GW, is a leading pure-play renewable energy company with a presence across Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Employing over 700 people across five continents, Mainstream has raised more than EUR 3.0 billion in project finance to date. Main shareholders are Norway-based Aker Horizons with 58.4 % since May 2021 and Japan-based Mitsui & Co., Ltd. with 27.5 % as long-term strategic investors. In addition to bringing forward industrial-scale onshore wind and solar projects around the world, we are advancing gigawatt-scale offshore wind projects in Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Norway, Ireland, the UK, Sweden, and other regions in Europe and beyond. The company’s growth trajectory and offshore wind ambition accelerated in 2022 with the integration of Aker Offshore Wind, combining world-class development and industrialization capabilities through Aker group companies with Mainstream’s strong development and execution track record. Further to our ambition in the floating wind market, the company holds preferential rights to bankable floating foundation technology through ownership in Principle Power. Mainstream is currently developing a net capacity of 1.3 GW of floating offshore wind in Scotland and South Korea and 1.23 GW of fixed bottom offshore wind in Vietnam. Our teams in offices in Hamburg and Edinburgh are dedicated to developing additional offshore wind projects across Europe and to explore global new markets.