RWE Renewables International GmbH

Steindamm 98
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 360080-3957
E-Mail: holger.matthiesen@eon.com

E.ON Climate & Renewables GmbH (EC&R), based in Essen, is responsible for E.ON’s activities in the field of renewable energy. Since its founding in 2007, we have invested more than 9.5 billion € in onshore and offshore wind, photovoltaics, solar thermal and biomass. It is our goal to produce environmentally friendly energy at competitive prices through technological development and further industrialization of the sector. EC & R's operational experience in the field of offshore wind energy began in 2001 with the British 3.8 MW wind farm Blyth. Our current portfolio comprises six wind farms in operation (1,189 MW), two wind farms under construction (507 MW) and more wind farms in planning (> 1,300 MW). We are one of the world leaders in the field of wind energy generation. The projects have a wide range of water depths and distances from the coast as well as comply with the various physical conditions of the Irish Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Our offshore unit international team in the project offices in Hamburg, Malmö and Coventry has already installed wind turbines of 2 MW and 5 MW and various types of foundations. We are always open to new approaches and work on our own innovations for offshore technologies. EC & R refers to projects which promote development, for example by the project partnership with DONG and Masdar in the world’s largest offshore wind farm London Array.

In the future, we plan to expand our capacity especially in the North and Baltic Sea, to further reduce the cost of offshore wind energy significantly, and so to encourage the “Energy Revolution” throughout Europe.

Total number of employees -> 58 503

New corporate strategy: „Empowering Customers, shaping markets“.

New energy networks: We are a leader in the efficiency of our networks. The networks connect our customers and make the new decentralized energy supply possible.

We will therefore develop new high-quality offers in the new physical and digital world of energy for municipal, public, industrial, commercial and private customers in attractive regional markets. This way we can supply our over 26 million network customers even better.