Ost-West-Str. 5
18147 Rostock
Tel.: +49 381 67333-33
Fax.: +49 381 67333-44
E-Mail: rostock@rostock.ahlmann-zerssen.de

For over 20 years AHLMANN-ZERSSEN offers with his own staff logistics services in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

Today AHLMANN-ZERSSEN is represented beside his locations in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg with six other offices in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania in the ports of Wismar, Rostock, Stralsund, Wolgast and Saßnitz-Mukran as well as in Neubrandenburg (customs clearances office). A high-class sign of the company is the continuous good support of the ships in the ports and the comprehensive loading and unloading handling for the load customers. Over the years AHLMANN-ZERSSEN builds up a large agency network and several cooperations to offer a complete service for shipping, stevedoring, transport and logistics in all German ports.

That is why the company philosophy says: “SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS FROM A-Z”.

Strongly has expanded the company during the past years among other things in the location Rostock. A main objective is the education of young people to shipping experts. 8-10 trainees as well as various school trainees are constantly in the company. Especially in the time of deficit of well trained personal, AHLMANN-ZERSSEN is proud to educate young people by their selves.

Actually several employees trained to "SUPERCARGO" and are now able to arranges the handling of general cargoes, for example wind mills.