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Ost-West-Str. 5
18147 Rostock
Tel.: +49 381 67333-33
Fax.: +49 381 67333-44
E-Mail: rostock@ahlmann-zerssen.de

For over 25 years AHLMANN-ZERSSEN offers logistic services in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania with its own staff.

Beside the locations in Schleswig-Holstein Bremen and Hamburg today AHLMANN-ZERSSEN is present with six offices at Wismar, Rostock, Stralsund, Wolgast and Sassnitz / Neu Mukran as well as at Löcknitz (for customs services). Of course, other ports such as Ueckermünde or Lubmin are attended, too.

Special quality features are the continuous and excellent care of the ships in port and a complete and thorough loading and discharging service for all clients – shipper, charterer, consignee or receiver.

In addition, wind turbines - or parts thereof - are regularly transported not only with chartered but also with their own ship tonnage.

AHLMANN-ZERSSEN has been operating under the umbrella of the globally active PETERSON CONTROL UNION group from Rotterdam since 2016, which have also been working together in the offshore sector since then.

Thanks to the agency network and cooperations that have grown over time, AHLMANN-ZERSSEN offers complete services for shipping, stevedoring, transshipment, warehousing, transport and logistics in all German and also Polish ports.

The company has expanded significantly in recent years, especially the Rostock office. Here, young people from the region are regularly trained as shipping and chartering managers.

AHLMANN-ZERSSEN has established, documented and implemented an integrated Quality Management System covering all service areas which is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Having proved to be a reliable and trustworthy company it is also certified as an “Authorized Economic Operator” (“AEO-C”) for customs simplifications.

The slogan "Shipping and logistics from A-Z" says it all – and is motivation as well as promise!