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airwerk GmbH

Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 7
49685 Emstek
Tel.: +49 4473 9267130
Fax.: +49 4473 9267159
E-Mail: kontak@airwerk.com

airwerk GmbH was founded in 2003 in Essen and has since then been active in the area of renewable energies – particularly in the field of wind energy. Since the beginning of 2011, airwerk has been working on measurement equipment and measurement technology solutions for the wind energy industry both off- and onshore. The team responsible for technical solutions is located in Emstek, which is located near the offshore wind centers of Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven and Hamburg. This team of highly-qualified engineers and technicians, combines know-how, experience and proven technology for the successful planning, equipping and commissioning of measurement technology solutions:

• Foundation Monitoring: Concepts, planning and realization of measurement systems for the monitoring of grout connections, inclination, vibration, scour, etc.

• Structural Analysis: Measurements for an exact picture of structural behavior in reality

• MetOcean Measurements: Integrated measurement equipment for every phase of an offshore project

• On- and Offshore Wind Measurements: Measurement masts up to 140m, sensors & evaluation of measurement data

• Prototype Analysis: Verification of design and engineering assumptions