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18055 Rostock
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For centuries, wind is used to generate energy. Not before considerable time had passed, with the rise of the possibility to transform wind energy, the scarcity of fossil sources of energy and the beginning of the climate change, politics felt impelled to redefine the general conditions. Within a few years creative visionaries have developed wind power an energy source of the future.

While technical limits are continuously being redefined, the implementation of wind farm projects faces a “jungle” of European and national legislation. The related chances and challenges touch all involved, from the licensing authorities, project developers, operators, energy suppliers, manufacturers of wind turbines as well as to communes.

Not every rotation of wind turbines produces energy. This applies also to lawyers. Just as the researcher the advisory lawyer should see himself as a developer. He must act innovative and creative, expand his knowledge continuously, adjust new knowledge and specialize.

Our long-term experiences in the field of regenerative energies are used by investors, project developers, as well as by planning, investment and operating companies.

Our job centres on accompanying of wind farm projects (construction / repowering). We draft private and public-law contracts and we support the public-law approval processes in a constructive way. We offer a variety of services that include the determination of legal forms for the project management, drafting articles of association, consulting approval processes (BImSchG, Federal Imission Protection Law; urban development contracts), creating complex contracts (financing, leasing, purchase, Business Management, transfer of approvals, GU / GÜ, transition agreements, permissions, liability limitations, award procedures, network access, etc.)

More than 20 years experience in contract management and specific experience in the fields of renewable energies, real estate law, lease and tenancy law, contract law, employment law and law relating to regional policy contribute to the implementation of projects.Innovations more and more require the ensuring and the enforcement of competition, copyright and trademark rights. Even in these fields our law firm has specialist solicitors. Of course our contract-law-specialists draft and negotiate contracts in English.