Joachim-Jungius-Straße 10
18059 Rostock
Tel.: +49 381 20260220
Fax.: +49 381 20260221
E-Mail: info@anova.de

ANOVA is a system house for multimedia technology and its application. With our products and services we are a partner for everyone who wants to qualify, inform, consult, present, advertise, sell or entertain using digital media and the Internet.

ANOVA develops and markets software for the organisation of work processes, media-based solutions for qualification and training as well as software for supporting the marketing of products.

Customers and partners from the wind energy and the maritime industries use our services and products, in particular for qualifications requiring accountability in the areas occupational safety and health and compliance, for multimedia-based operation and maintenance manuals or product presentations. Our software solution for mobile maintenance assistance supports the maintenance of complex facilities.

A strong team of software developers, designers and system engineers offers our customers the optimal fulfilment of their requirements and wishes.