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Occupational medicine plays a central role in occupational health protection with the aim of maintaining and improving the health of your employees. We at the Betriebsarztservice are happy to support you and your company at the Rostock site and beyond in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern.

Employees who work on a wind turbine or on an oil or gas production platform are exposed to particular stresses. For this reason, physical fitness or offshore suitability is prescribed and must be proven if the employee spends more than 24 hours on an offshore platform. The examinations then take place every 2 years.

In the field of maritime medicine, we carry out the following offshore suitability examinations:

  • For Germany, based on the AWMF S2k guideline "Occupational medical suitability examination for workers on offshore wind turbines and other offshore installations" of the German Society for Occupational and Environmental
  • International offshore suitability with a certificate from Oil & Gas UK (OGUK). The certificate is mutually accepted by Norway (OLF) and the Netherlands (NOGEPA) according to the Hardanger Agreement (July 2000).

Of course, we also have many other qualifications:

  • Precautions according to ArbMedVV (e.g. screen precautions, activities with infection hazards, asbestos precautions, respiratory protection precautions and many more).
  • Advice on the Maternity Protection Act, Measles Protection Act, aptitude tests
  • Support in the preparation of risk assessments
  • Information on current changes in regulations and laws
  • Participation in occupational safety committees according to the Occupational Safety Act
  • Support in occupational integration management according to SGB IX (BEM)
  • Authorisation to carry out radiation protection examinations in accordance with the Radiation Protection Ordinance
  • Travel- and vaccination medicine
  • traffic medicine

In our practice you can expect a high level of expertise, efficient procedures, an experienced team and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.