Corrosion Protection Consult GmbH

Bürgermeister-Dr. Schöneberg-Straße 34 b
26506 Norden
Tel.: +49 152 07232041
E-Mail: info@cpc-gmbh.com

Every year billions are lost worldwide due to corrosion at buildings and plants. A lot of this could be saved by using existing techniques consequently.
Already construction and fabrication are laying the foundations for the durability of the corrion protection. Mistakes in these fields can lead to a massive increase of renovation costs during the service life.
Corrosion Protection Consult GmbH accompanies your project in the area of corrosion protection on- and offshore from the design to the operating phase, assists you in creati-on and review of all relevant documents, examines potential suppliers, monitors and con-trols the production and helps you to detect and repair arising damages. Because of many years of experience at executing companies our employees can present you prac-ticable solutions for nearly every Problem.