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ENERTRAG is a European energy supplier specialising in sustainability by generating electricity exclusively from renewable sources – mainly from wind energy. Today, we number among the leading wind energy suppliers with 667 wind turbines installed and 2,9 billion kilowatt hours of electricity produced per year – enough to meet the household demands of more than one million people. That alone saves about 1,9 million tons of CO², 297 tons of nitrous gases and 27 tons of fine particles a year according to the calculation of the German Ministry for the Environment. ENERTRAG, with about 460 employees, currently combines all the competencies that are required for the successful operation of wind farms and for the generation and supply of renewable energy. From planning, technological development, financing, constructing and operating right through to transmitting via its own power grid including substations and Europe-wide interconnection, ENERTRAG is one of the few companies worldwide that provides every required link in the production chain of sustainable wind energy. As an independent service provider, ENERTRAG additionally offers a comprehensive service network for its partners' wind farms.