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Fährhafen Sassnitz GmbH

Im Fährhafen 20
18546 Sassnitz
Tel.: +49 38392 550
Fax.: +49 38392 55-240
E-Mail: info@mukran-port.de

Port of Sassnitz is a deep-water facility in north-east Germany and it provides ideal conditions to serve as a base port for the offshore wind industry both in nautical and geographical terms. The short distances between the port and the wind parks provide clear cost benefits for the installation and service logistics – just as the easy approach to the port without the need for pilot or tug services.

All common offshore vessels can call at the port, which has a draught of up to 10.5 m. There are no restrictions on access caused by tides, locks or bridges. Within a radius of 30 nm there is a great number of offshore wind park projects in different development stages.

The business park at the port offers excellent conditions for companies of all kinds and sizes. In total, an area of approx. 60 hectares is available for the manufacturing of turbine components, the installation of windfarms and maintenance/repair works.