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Niederlassung Rostock
Am Bahnhof 1
18119 Rostock
Tel.: +49 381 778938-0
Fax.: +49 381 778938-27
E-Mail: rostock@­ferchau.com


Currently employing 6,500 highly qualified experts at over 70 branches and over 70 technical offices across the country, we are Germany’s foremost engineering service provider. Our engineers, systems and software specialists, project and quality managers possess expertise in a huge range of engineering disciplines and sectors. This concentrated bundle of interdisciplinary know-how creates synergies from which new impetus for innovative solutions will emerge.

Task Areas

  • Development
  • Design
  • Calculation
  • Project Planning
  • Programming
  • IT Solutions
  • Documentation
  • Projekt, Quality and Supply Chain Management

What we offer is advisory services, reduced workload and know-how transfer all along your value-added chain. Our range of services is designed to be flexible, to match the dynamics of your market. Experts who take the pressure off you on the ground.

Specialists who develop solutions for you at our engineering offices. Teams which take on complete projects on site, and if required bring the necessary equipment with them. With over 1,000 CAE and CAD systems, FERCHAU has a system park unlike any other.The choice is yours, and you decide as the need arises:


  • Temporary staffing
  • Project conditions
  • Including technical equipment on request


  • Implementation of projects in our technical offices or on-site at the client


  • Complete responsibility for external sourcing

Private Personnel Placement (PAV)

  • PAV Direct with immediate permanent employment
  • PAV Individual with prior acquaintance phase within the framework of empleyee transfer

Without having to make long-term investments, with FERCHAU you make your processes more flexible and gain know-how.