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Fraunhofer-Institut für Großstrukturen in der Produktionstechnik IGP

Albert-Einstein-Straße 30
18059 Rostock
Tel.: +49 381 49682-0
Fax.: +49 381 49682-12
E-Mail: info@igp.fraunhofer.de

The Fraunhofer Application Centre Large Structures in Production Engineering (Fh-AGP) offers a long term oriented and innovative research which is realized within public funded research programs as well as in industry funded projects. Objective of our research- and development activities is to create integrated solutions which enable you to manufacture large structures cost-efficient and quality-oriented.

The Fraunhofer Applications Centre offers particular scientific competences, developed and further enhanced through many projects, in the following business segments:

  • Production Engineering
    - mechanical joining, welding, adhesive bonding, sealing, soldering, thermal cutting
    - structural mechanical design and analysis
  • Automation Systems
    - Measurement, Sensor-Engineering, Robotics, Control-Technology
  • Quality Engineering
    - Image Processing
  • Organization
    - Business Concept, Cooperation Network, Production Organization / Management, Logistic
    - Methods for planning development of lean production with focus on business objectives such as high productivity, short through-put times, efficient value streams, and short reactivity
  • Product Development and Construction of Prototypes
    - Maritime Industry, Steel Constructions
    - Testing of production processes closely to reality
    - Construction and start running evaluation models and prototype plants
  • Accredited Test Laboratory
    - In 2009, we received the Certificate of the DAkkS
    - Testing in accordance to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
    - Mechanical-technological Testing of Materials, Joints, Corrosion Protection and Leak Tests

The aim is the transfer of innovative technologies from the research stadium into industry application. The existing cooperation with the University of Rostock and other Fraunhofer Institutes is being used intensively. In preparation of applications for public research programs we will assist and advise you on all your questions.

The Fraunhofer AGP has best conditions for performing all mentioned tasks and works. Therefore it has a separate pilot plant which includes excellent-quality equipment for realizing all research and development tasks from the idea to the prototype manufacturing.