Heinemann Projektberatung

Helmholtzstr. 3
26389 Wilhelmshaven
Tel.: +49 (0)4404 9875400
E-Mail: fleper@pb-heinemann.de

As a full-service training provider, we offer the entire range of safety-training-courses according to the internationally recognized standards of the Global Wind Organization (GWO) and the correspondingly relevant national directives (DGUV, NOGEPA) in a one stop service since 2013.
In addition, our portfolio also offers technical trainings in the areas of electrical engineering, mechanics, hydraulics and fiber composite technology as well as additional professional qualifications - from crane certification to rope access and positioning techniques to SCC training courses.
The claim to ourselves consists in realistic training contents, based on the feedback from the operational practice. In this way, we are not only able to implement the “defined minimum” according to the requirements of the relevant standards – in exchange with the professional industry expertise we continually adapt our trainings to the real challenges in a work environment that has a particular risk potential. Due to scenario-based trainings, we can exceed the standard requirements significantly.
True to the motto “Leave no (wo)man behind" we are taking the time to reduce barriers and establish safe procedures.