N-Sea GmbH

Hafenstraße 20
18439 Stralsund
Tel.: 03831 2852188
E-Mail: info@n-sea.com

N-Sea is an integrated subsea infrastructure services provider, delivering survey, installation support and IMR services to the oil & gas and renewable industries.

  • To ensure an effective and cost-efficient solution to asset owners throughout life cycle.
  • Providing diving, survey, ROTV and (W)ROV-based operations, multi-disciplined approach with multi-resource solutions for larger, integrated Projects.
  • Capabilities include: installation, survey and positioning services, IMR (inspection, maintenance, repair) and data management.
  • Key objective: safeoperations with minimal impact on production and taking into account environmental factors.
  • A fleet of specialist vessels and intervention craftsupporting marine‐based rig, platform, FPSO and renewables operations.