naturwind schwerin gmbh

Schelfstr. 35
19055 Schwerin
Tel.: +49 (0)385 778837-0
Fax.: +49 (0)385 778837-29
E-Mail: info@naturwind.de


naturwind is an owner-managed family company operating in the field of renewable energies. We have five regional locations. We support regenerative energy projects in Northern and Central Germany. We are focusing on the development of onshore wind farms. We have designed wind farms with a total output of more than 300 MW.

We advise and support renewable energy projects from the idea, via planning, permission and construction to starting. We have about 40 employees. Our special attention is to realize energy projects under natural, economic and social aspects. Every project is unique to us.

Our services in detail:

- Site check

- Property acquisition

- Communication

- Wind farm planning

- Support for regional planning

- Permit procedure

- Construction and power connection

- Storage and integrated energy

- Financial participation

- Implementation of research projects