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Rotor Energy

Bandelstorfer Str. 2-4
18196 Petschow
Tel.: +49 (0)38204 7616-46
Fax.: +49 (0)38204 7616-47
E-Mail: info@rotor-energy.com

ROTOR ENERGY - So that it turns!

Founded in 2006 as a one-man-firm by Erwin Kunz in Rostock, Rotor Energy actually employs eight permanent and some self-employed technicians. “Qualification and experience” is guaranteed by the assignment of experienced and motivated staff and the experience with the leading producers.

Our working platforms with special attachment techniques reduce the holding times and can be used for the maintenance and repair of even hard reachable constructions like lattice towers or radiotowers.

Our jobs are certified by TÜV and producers of wind power plants.

Professional Service for your wind power plant

Our product- and service range:

  • service, installation and maintenance of wind power plants
  • inspections, maintenance and repairs of rotor blades
  • cleaning of rotor blades and towers
  • draw of repair and inspection reports by the use of platforms or rope access
  • platform renting, also with trained qualified staff
  • maintenance, repair and renewal of lightning-protection systems
  • improvement of the aerodynamics
  • elimination of insurance damages