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tfc tools for composite GmbH

Zum Steinsitz 4
18273 Güstrow
Tel.: +49 (0)3843 24575-00
Fax.: +49 (0)3843 24575-29
E-Mail: info@tools-for-composite.de

tools for composite GmbH is a company focussed on the production of moulds and tools for large components made from fibre-reinforced plastic. Our main field of activities is wind energy and there in particular the manufacturing of rotor blades. Our objective is to supply plug-and-play moulds and the complete operational equipment. The scope of services of our company ranges generally from an evaluation of existing designs with reference to the applied production technologies, via the production of the relevant master-plugs, appropriate moulds, and specification and procurement of the appropriate technical peripherals, through to delivery of all direct tools, devices and media and final commissioning together with the customer. Furthermore, upon request, we accompany the customer from the phase of production start-up up to after-sales services and offer technical assistance. Together with composite consult, tools for composite GmbH runs a technical seminar and a training centre.