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Windrad Engineering GmbH

Kröpeliner Str. 4
18209 Bad Doberan
Tel.: +49 38203 7763-0
Fax.: +49 38203 7763-20
E-Mail: mail@windrad-online.de

The change from fossil fuels to renewable energy will be one of the major trends of the 21st century. The most developed form among the so-called new energies is wind energy. During the last decade, it underwent rapid development and has a great potential for growth in the near future.

In this rapidly developing field Windrad Engineering GmbH offers consultancy services for wind turbine manufacturers and project developers. Our aim is to support our customers with development projects as a competent partner and to make the wind energy converters more reliable and cost-efficient. Through our own R & D projects we are always up-to-date with the latest technology and constantly seek to further develop our methods and tools.

We offer the following services:

  • Complete design of wind turbines, towers and foundations
  • Simulations and load calculations for wind turbines
  • Concepts for operation, control and safety
  • Mechanical engineering, structural mechanics and component analyses
  • Site-specific analyses (loads in wind farms, earthquake loads)
  • Assistance with certification
  • Wind turbine measurements
  • Software engineering (simulations, data analyses)
  • Training, Courses