Objectives / Tasks

Objectives of the association

The objective of the society is to further develop the region of Rostock and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern into one of the leading regions for wind energy expertise in Germany, in particular through:

  • Organisation of interdisciplinary regional and national collaboration of companies, facilities and institutions from the wind energy industry, in particular the WindEnergy Network reg. soc.
  • Promotion of the positive awareness of the wind energy industry and participation as an innovative and structure-defining economic sector through active public relations work
  • Platform for companies throughout the whole wind energy value creation chain for the holistic representation and presentation of available expertise in the region of Rostock and the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
  • Strengthening of domestic companies and securing of jobs already created
  • Settlement of new companies from the wind energy industry and the creation of new jobs
  • Pooling of know-how and targeted networking of the wind energy industry within the Rostock centre of expertise
  • Application for and implementation of national or EU-funded projects
  • Promotion of the implementation of offshore wind farm projects in the North and Baltic Seas and wind farm projects in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • any other measures that are suitable to promote the aims of the society, engage other legal persons or establish in particular participation in the “Foundation of the German Economy for the Use and Exploration of Wind Energy at Sea (Offshore Foundation)” for the promotion and preservation of the equal realisation of measures (use and research) in the Baltic and North Seas.

Tasks of the association

By becoming a member you have the opportunity of being part of a strong and growing sector network. The society represents the interests of its members at state and national level and within sector associations. So since 2005 the society has been a founding member of the Foundation for Offshore Wind Energy and participates regularly in common positions of associations. For an annual subscription of 500 Euros it is possible for a company to be a member of the society.

Tasks of the association network management:

  • coordinates collaboration and/or supports network building and promotes the establishment of an ever-increasing membership base
  • promotes the exchange of interests and information as well as nurturing relations with national/international sector contacts
  • organises seminars, conferences for the strengthening of member qualifications and for the exchange of knowledge/experience between science and economy
  • represents common interests of members with regard to trade associations, other organisations and the public
  • researches, publishes and distributes sector information and/or research and development results within its remit
  • observes sector and/or general development trends and initiates the compilation of strategies for the adaptation of requirements
  • supports members’ research & development projects